Lesbian Tickle Torture

Blog about Tickling other girls by a Domme Ticklemistress

hellhoundabound asked: i know your a lesbian. but do you tickle torture men aswell? i love getting tickled by women

I do not. I only tickle other girls. Nothing to do with men sexually or with feet or with tickling. just friends only with guys. Women though, i do EVERYTHING with. especially tie them up and tickle and sexually tease them. edging them till they beg for more tickling just to get off.:)

soleslover1988 asked: hii .. i see that you like my gf's soles !! thats wonderful .. are you a girl ?


ticklishred-deactivated20140410 asked: You sound absolutely ruthless.. just what I'd like in a mistress~!

Yes, I show no mercy. The more you beg, and plead, scream and cry, the faster and harder I would tickle you. Your suffering is what gets me off.:)

ticklishnikki asked: You can't stand being tickled? What if someone like me wanted revenge? lol

I would hope you’d be too exhausted for revenge, otherwise I’d be in big trouble!

chris123stuff asked: are you ticklish too ? whats your worst spot ? tell a tickle story where you get tickled ! :D

Yes, I am extremely hyper ticklish. I hate being tickled because i really can;t stand it for more than a few seconds. it’s excrutiating for me. Especially on my feet. they are the worst!



Tied up like this, her feet will suffer endless tickling with my long nails  :)



Tied up like this, her feet will suffer endless tickling with my long nails  :)

blackirish02 asked: ah, mistress... i do so wish there were someone like you who liked to play this way with men... tickling, teasing them slowly closer to orgasm for hours on end... i'm mostly a 'lee, but i'd be a very eager switch if a woman wanted one, and i'd aspire to be at least as deliciously evil as you...

Don’t despair, keep looking, I’m sure there are girls out there into it just as much.:)

anopenbookofafreak-deactivated2 asked: What is the most evil /torturous session you have ever had with someone? (:

That’s a hard question. When I tie a girl down naked, and tickle them, it lasts for at least 3 hours. I start at the top, working my way down tickling every inch of their body seeking out their most ticklish spots and making note of them for later in which I prey on those ticklish areas viciously until I get to their feet. For those extremely ticklish on their feet, i tickle them in hundreds of ways using many techniques. My goal is to break them. making them beg, plead, squeal, scream and cry in sheer and utter hysteria. The more they do, the faster and harder i tickle them. That’s what turns me on the most. Tickling other women that are extremely unbearably ticklish is like a drug. My heroine, my obsession and I don;t stop until my apetite is satiated.I am Ruthless, devious, diabolical, and merciless. Some have even called me evil when I tickle.

i-was-born-to-worship-you asked: Yes! If that doesn't break her, out comes the Hitachi...

Yes, using the hitachi AND tickling her at the same time devastates 99%¬† of girls:) I LOVE doing that for hours. Just tape the Hitachi to their thigh so the ball is right on their… and turn it on high and just tickle their feet, ribs, armpits, etc until they pass out.:)